Jersey Shore Review: The Hangover



Do you, bro.

Full disclosure: In my notes for this episode (and yes, sadly I do write notes about this show) I wrote in all caps: I LOVE THIS SHOW. So that’s two strikes for me so far.

Ronnie does mad work

So Ronnie won the breakup and earned the nickname IFF that definitely involves the word fuck but MTV bleeped the whole thing so we never definitively know what it is. I’m ___ ___. Not so much win there, MTV editors.

Situation’s all pissed at Ronnie because Situation doesn’t do as well as Smush. When discussing the premiere, Roommate Ryan had a hilarious observation about The Scenario’s thought process every night around 3am:

1. I’m gonna my dick wet. Fuck yea!
2. Oh hello, obliques.
3. Are those cameras? NICE.
4. FUCK. These chicks are busted and I claim to bag models constantly.
Do that thing where you pretend to come out of your black-out and
insult them on national television.
5. ::takes photo of his abs with blackberry. Grabs lotion and goes to
bed:: The only one who is hot enough for The Situation is The
Situation. Tell your friends.”

I wonder if the cast has to ask the producers if they can bring girls back to the place. That’s just funny to think about. It’s like asking your parents if your friend can come over, but instead of playing Ninja Turtles you’re having sex in a hot tub on camera.

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