Why Elevator deserves a nomination for Best Comedy Web Series in the 2010 Streamy Awards

Why Elevator deserves a nomination in the 2010 Streamy Awards

How can you say no to most of these faces?

Dear IAWTV member, fans, friends, haters, and Mom,

Every year I’m wowed by the new media community and the content we create. Innovation, storytelling, casting, cinematography, the strides we’ve taken are truly remarkable.

The 2nd annual Streamy Awards are just another example of new media’s continued advancement; the show is fantastically produced by newteevee and tubefilter, who give all of us web creators a goal to work towards.

The series and people honored in the Streamys are new media’s cream of the crop; and I’m telling you, friends, lovers, and thieves, that my web series Elevator completely deserves a nomination in the Best Comedy Web Series category.

To break it down for you, I’ll briefly highlight our achievements in concept (the web’s first video comic strip), the huge audience (over 58 million served) that loves our concept, and the incredible talent (TV, commercial, and film stars) that brings all of this to life.

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