Apocalypse Wow!

What do you MEAN, you haven’t seen the trailer to my new series?

Why, it’s directed and developed by Scott Brown, mastermind behind such hits as “Blue Movies,” “Asylum,” and all the fresh new web stuff coming out of Spike TV’s “Blue Mountain State!”

Did I mention our impossibly good-looking cast? Celebrated actor Craig Frank, Melanie Merkosky, Ben Begley, and “Star Trek” and “Passions” star McKenzie Westmore! You’ll also see everyone’s favorite janitor, Ben Pace, and internet hero David Nett. It’s absurd.

As for my role, I created the story, characters, and wrote the script, and generally wept with joy at how great the folk attached to this are. If you know folks with money, tell them to buy this show!


Foursquare Cops: “I’d rather be called ‘Bubbles.'”

“Never have I ever…been fired from a mall security position.”

This is the uncut and extended version with all the jokes built in. Have a viewing and get to know everyone’s favorite social media arbiters better!

BY FAR the grossest Elevator yet

It’s 30 seconds long, but it will haunt you forever. Kinda like when I lost my virginity.