Minutemen: The Crucible -Chapter 15-

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Chapter Fifteen: “The Rally Point.”

Marlborough & Exeter St.
Evacuated City of Boston
October 20, 2552
Late evening

“On the hop!” Master Gunnery Sergeant Gus Reynolds implored over the sudden explosion of noise ahead of them. Tim McManus, Ron Parsons, and Rachel Lynch hustled past him down the narrow alley while Reynolds put a hand to his throat mic. “McHale, where are you?”

Lance Corporal Adam McHale’s voice was officially frantic. “Bravo actual to all teams! I’ve got one dead, one wounded bad in no man’s land. Taking heavy hostile fire! We can’t hold the rally point for much longer!”

“McHale, talk to me!”

“We’re in a bad way here, Master Guns! Need assistance!”

“Just hold on! We’re almost there!”

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