Foursquare Cops season finale: “Going Rogue.”

“I would rather be dead than EVER use Gowalla!”

Check out the season finale of Foursquare Cops, featuring Richard DeAgazio as The Chief! When you’re done watching and you’ve seen the shocking conclusion, tweet @foursquare and tell them to sponsor a second season! Do it now!


Foursquare Cops: “I’d rather be called ‘Bubbles.'”

“Never have I ever…been fired from a mall security position.”

This is the uncut and extended version with all the jokes built in. Have a viewing and get to know everyone’s favorite social media arbiters better!

Foursquare Cops vs. Facebook Investigators

Who will come out on top when Detective John Hardy and Officer Frank Ashton tread on the Facebook Investigators’ jurisdiction? The answer will probably not surprise you.