Miles Fisher makes me depressed

"A guy who dresses up like a bat CLEARLY has issues."

"A guy who dresses up like a bat CLEARLY has issues."

A week ago, I was at a really cool rental house in Topanga Canyon. My buddy Matt Vascellaro, who is a closet genius who taught himself drums, painting, cooking, sewing, (and could probably levitate if he thought hard enough about it) invited me up to hang out. Nellie Barnett (from Wingman esq, 2/8ths life, and many many other projects) lived there as well with old BC lax comrade Matt Wiggins. Good times all around, the house was amazing and the people were all interesting, cool people…you know, what you expect and don’t expect from Topanga Canyon. My GPS tried to make me drive off a cliff on the way, but I gave infant Skynet the finger and got there myself. I digress.

(after the jump, more rambling and the single greatest music video you’ll see this month)

One of the folks there was a guy named Miles Fisher, who bears an absolutely uncanny resemblence to Tom Cruise. No homo, the guy is just striking, but pretty much every moment of the party felt like the engagement party in “Mission: Impossible III.” I was certain that Miles would poke his head out at one point and just exclaim, “Watika! Lake Watika!” or something similar. We had some great conversations about life, Topanga, homemade pizza, and the rest gets a bit blurry. At one point, Matt Wiggins joins the conversaton and says, “Miles has something coming out next week that’s going to blow everyone away.” I chuckled and tried to picture just what this guy had up his sleeve, but didn’t lose any sleep over it (12 Sam Summer Ales helps).

"But seriously...what's the deal with MEDICARE??"

"But seriously...what's the deal with MEDICARE??"

Turns out, Matt Wiggins was completely accurate.

So not only is Miles Fisher a striking, engaging dude…he also does an incredible Christian Bale impression (I’m DYING to hear him say, “A guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues”) AND he’s musically inclined. So, in short, Miles Fisher is better than you, but he won’t hit you over the head with it. Anyway, continue to pass on this viral hit and bask in the warmth. Go to his website to download the EP for free (yeah, free…jackals).¬† I’m going to be on a 41 foot sailboat next weekend, and I WILL put this song on our playlist. I’ll also be plotting ways to tranquilize him and drag him onto set and make him be in my series.

I’m off to comic con tomorrow morning. Stalk me on Twitter if you’re there and want to meet up. I’ll be signing Harold the Janitor shirts.



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  1. Lydia Hearst FTW!

  2. maybe YOU’RE the genius for calling this. just saying.

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