Wingman, Esq. – A series that never took off

Sometimes at the office I’ll pitch series that sound pretty good to the bosses and they’ll tell me to make a pilot presentation. These days, however, if you can’t put a sponsor onto web series, it’s not going anywhere. That happened to a series I made a few months ago, titled “Wingman, Esquire.”

It’s a series about a lawyer named Phillip Wingman who guys and girls can summon just by shouting, “Counsel!” Phillip solves problems with getting into, maintaining, and ending relationships by citing fictional legal precedents and other tomfoolery. I’ll probably get in trouble for posting this, but take a look. Phillip is played by the very funny Bradley Hasemeyer, the girlfriend is played by Nellie Barnett, and the short is directed by Aaron Brownlee. Enjoy and pass along…who knows? Maybe some brand or sponsor will see this and figure it’s worth a neglible sum.


9 Responses

  1. The player isn’t showing up for me. Is it just a problem on my end? Can other people see it?

    • Is it working now, Tim?

  2. Loved it! Why didn’t this go through!!! So funny!

    • They can’t put a sponsor to it. Without the cash, we can’t make it as well as we’d like.

  3. This is hilarious. If we berate/feed you enough additional ideas will you do another?

    • If you pass it around enough and it gets enough views, maybe the bean counters will see value in it. I’ve already written 30 episodes.

      • Well i’m in accounting so I am a bean counter! However, I am not a bean controller. Just a slave to Big Goya.

  4. This was hilarious.
    Was it your idea to have her arm raised? Makes a big difference.
    Love it.

  5. I love it. My only problem would have been that I can only see so many things you can do with it. Then I realized that that is what I thought about Elevator. Good luck getting a sponsor!

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