10 Thought Tuesday: Rap song covers that are better than the orginals

Rap songs can be mind-blowingly awful (see my thoughts on Asher Roth). Some are wonderful, but occasionally they’re made better by those who have no connection whatsoever to the rap game. Look, if Jay-Z can do part of “Wonderwall,” I feel totally comfortable telling you which rap songs are made better by white dudes in bushy beards. A great rap cover will either:

1) expose the lyrics for the mindless, talentless, moronic rhyming couplets that they are.


2) take the song in a completely different, often softer and dangerously emotive, direction. Who would have thought you’d make love to “Hey Ya” after sophomore year of college!

10. Hey Ya covered by Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker- At first I wondered why Zack Gilifinakis was covering an Outkast song. Then I pressed play and really enjoyed this in an indulgent, sensitive way. It goes really well with my just purchased copy of “New Moon.”


9. Heartless covered by The Fray – This actually ended up on the radio, which I found hilarious and, though maybe Kanye saw this as the sincerest form of flattery, I want to believe this was The Fray once again giving Kanye a subtle finger.

8.Gin and Juice by the Gourds- I don’t know how many times this song has been covered, and I don’t know how much ill-gotten publicity this got Phish, but it’s a great college party song. I wonder if Phish actually did put together a cover of Gin and Juice just because so many yuppie kids like me thought they really did this. This is all the fault of  one stupid kid who accidentally mislabeled the artist in their iTunes. We should hunt that guy down.

By the way, do you think the KKK guys at these concerts are aware of who they’re singing?

7. My Pony covered by Far – Don’t you love it when the same rap song that’s played in strip clubs will come back in rock form and be played in the exact same place? Stop looking at me like a piece of meat, Charity. Angel got here first.

6. Don’t Stop the Music – The Bird And The Bee – Is this a song about the club? Or is it a deeply passionate, indie tale of love? Are Zooey Deschanel and Zach Braff available to make the hipster Romeo and Juliet? Regardless, I love this song.

5. My Humps covered by Alanis Morrisette – What is probably the polar opposite of Fergie? A better-looking tranny? (oh no I didn’t) You’d think this would be the LAST thing Alanis would cover, but really it’s about empowerment, how a girl can get hers in a man’s world. Or the lyrics are moronical and Alanis is a secret comedic genius. She must have a little Ryan Reynolds in her (ba-ZING!)

4. Bitches ain’t Shit covered by Ben Folds – This was my official hangover song for YEARS. It’s kind of nice and soothing, while still making you feel somewhat uneasy. That may just be my stomach. Who wants to get bagels? I could really go for a bagel and about four gallons of water right now.

3. Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton – I like that this song could possibly play in some carefree montage of an irreverant romantic comedy. This really needs to be played in a meadow somewhere. I want to frolic to this.

2. Umbrella covered by All Time Low – What could POSSIBLY be more pop than Rhianna’s “Umbrella?” A guilty pleasure pop punk group covering said popular song. This one ALMOST made my head explode, like looking at that paining of an infinite staircase.

1. Boyz N’ Tha Hood by Dynamite Hack – The best. Hands down. The song’s so good and subtly subversive that some of us whiter folks had no earthly idea it was a cover, the lyrics are that laughable.


3 Responses

  1. What about Lily Allen’s parody of 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper”? I thought her lyrics were hilarious.

  2. wow, that Zack video just blew me away. I like that better then his Vodka ads.

  3. Lissie’s Pursuit of Happiness

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