Ten Thought Tuesday: Signs of the Apocalypse

This one should speak for itself.

10. Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. People act all surprised and it makes the news…but the majority of people wonder why this is news, didn’t everyone already know this?

9.  The PT Cruiser is still in production.

8.  Kobe Bryant is still considered genuine by the vast majority of citizens.

7.  For about two hours today, Dwight from The Office was considered a major source of information on the Iranian election demonstrations.

6.  Sasha Grey is not currently working, due to an AIDS scare going through the “industry.”

5. Coffee Bean hasn’t had the Mocha Mudslide going on a year and a half. The Revolution is coming.

4. “Year one.”

3.  I haven’t heard a George W. Bush joke in a week.

2. Pittsburgh was mentioned in yesterday’s PTI as “The new title town?”

1.  Fred from youtube makes a cool million a year. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our industry’s Dane Cook. 

Fred must be stopped.


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