Ten Thought Tuesday: Disney Songs Covered

Here’s ten thoughts on Disney songs I’d like to see covered by popular recording artists that aren’t on Magic 106.7 at 11pm and played by a velvety voiced man named Teddy At Night.

1. “Under the Sea” by 311


Pass that seaweed, brah.

Pass that seaweed, brah.


This just makes sense. Their sound is festive and aquatic already, why not have 311 take their stab at calypso?


2. “Someday my prince will come” by Amy Winehouse


This is what Amy sees when she closes her eyes anyway.

This is what Amy sees when she closes her eyes anyway.


This is almost embarrassingly simple: you jazzy-bluesify the music, keep the lyrics, and tell Amy after a smack binge that it’s about Blake. She’d crank that mother out in 90 minutes and it’d be AWESOME.

3. “I just can’t wait to be king” by Kanye West


Deleted scene from "The Spirit," thank God.

Deleted scene from "The Spirit," thank God.


Here’s why I chose Kanye: just to stick it to that egotistic ball sack. I would like to hear Jay-Z do a version of this, but Hov is already on top. Telling Kanye he’s not the best will just put a chip on his shoulder and a drive to make this song incredible…but mostly it’s telling him he’s not as cool as he thinks he is. You and I both know those aren’t real sunglasses, Yeezy.

4. “Circle of life” (in a language I don’t understand) by The Gypsy Kings

Maybe they should do it in Esperanto.  I’m just saying.


5. “Chim Chim Cher-ee” by Fall Out Boy


Fact: skinny jeans can also be used to clean chimneys.

Fact: skinny jeans can also be used to clean chimneys.

1- They have nothing better to do.

2- Pete is already trying to sing over Ashlee at beddy-by time.

3- It’s fun to think about…and what if they bring John Mayer back to do some shreeeeddddiiiinnngggg?

Speaking of…

6. “You’ve got a friend in me” by John Mayer

This is how you get Twitter to explode a la Death Star. Actually, here’s someone who could do it better:

6a. “You’re got a friend in me” by Jason Mraz

This would be awesome. It would go from love song to a lively, touching, deeply satisfying song about friendship, and I’d rather not equate “Toy Story” with sex.

7. “Kiss the girl” by Boyz II Men

Because, no matter how hard I try, I can’t not want that one dude to just speak over the music with something like, “Baby, I know you made a deal with the squid witch to have some legs. You’re just a fish lady, and I’m just a man, and whatever happens, baby, we got each other. Let’s get together.”


8. “The wonderful thing about Tiggers” by Ben Folds


...now where's the "bouncy"...?

...now where's the "bouncy"...?


I mean, there’s no one like Ben Folds, and the energy of Tigger, bouncing and bounding, constantly giving everyone the business…I mean, think about all the directions Ben could take this song. I like it! It’s exciting!

9. Be our guest” by Neil Patrick Harris and friends

Some things just make sense.

Some things just make sense.

He can sing. He’s hosted the Tonys. He’s gayer than a picnic spread. He’s awesome. Quite frankly, the fact that this man has NOT led a giant dance number with dozens of backup singers is a travesty.


10. “Heigh Ho” by Daft Punk


Sometimes I'm just plain right.

Sometimes I'm just plain right.


I’ll give you a minute to put your minds back together after that little bit of science. Are you back with us? Good. You’re welcome.


6 Responses

  1. hahahahahahahaha. Man this is great – I totally want to revisit every Disney movie and brainstorm the cover bands. …What are you doing this Saturday?

  2. I lol’d twice but now have to stop. I *want* to continue reading past the fall out boy nonsense, but I just… respect myself too much.

  3. Kanye singing I Just Can’t Wait To Be King? I just can’t wait to hear it. No, seriously.

  4. Okay. I rallied after some juice. The rest was freaking hilarious!

  5. Fully agree with every single one of these. I would love to hear Daft Punk cover Heigh Ho. And 311 for Under the Sea? I’m there.

  6. NPH singing “Be our guest” would be so AWESOME.

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