Suck it, Prop 8

As a white American male, there’s not a whole lot I’m allowed to get uppity about. When I do, it just sounds like whining.

But when it comes to denying equal rights for gay couples, I’m coming out swinging. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

Even on hardcore Christian grounds, you mean to tell me Jesus would chew the fat with lepers (bad idiom), but gays are inferior? Even the guys who wrote Christian action novels on The Rapture said being gay was okey-dokey (maybe even fabulous?)

That’s why I’m working with Ben and Rafi Fine of on their “Overturn Prop 8” web series. Watch it, rate it 5 stars, favorite it, forward it, do something about it.

You’ve just been served, intolerance.


One Response

  1. GOOGLE “Omnibus Equality Bill”. We Need This Now.

    If more people KNEW of the horror stories, like Tim Coco’s or Laurel Hester’s experiences, they’d REVOLT. The suffering is cruel and heart-breaking, since it always involves one’s CLOSEST FAMILY.

    Many more now refuse to “protest” – WE REVOLT. Tax revolt is the non-violent answer, and offers myself and others a modicum of justice and fairness in light of this homophobic, bigoted, discriminating government that THINKS it can tax us unfairly without repercussions. [equality tax revolt]

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